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पुणे के किसान की सफलता की कहानी - अभिनव फार्मर्स क्लब

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Dnyaneshwar Nivrutti Bodke with his wife at his farm in Hinjewadi.

Some 20-odd kilometres off the Pune-Mumbai road, near Baner, a fork to the left goes to Hinjewadi. Just five years ago, the landscape was lush with green fields that produced rice, jowar, bajra, sugarcane amongst other crops.
Off late, Hinjewadi has become famous as an information technology hub that houses the creme de la creme of technology companies, Indian and multinational.
Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Tata Technologies, Veritas Software Corporation . . . the list goes on.
While the service sector is fast replacing agriculture as the major employment provider in Hinjewadi, some patches of green still dot the concrete arena.
About three kilometres off this arena, on the same road that cuts off the Pune-Mumbai road, there is a small bungalow owned by a 40-year-old farmer, who had to fight the Maharashtra government so that he and his fellow farmers could continue to grow vegetables.
Dnyaneshwar Nivrutti Bodke is a farmer who hates subsidies and loan waivers. He also keeps off politicians and their promise of freebies.
The only time he availed of the state largesse was to repay his first ever loan.

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